Are You Ready For This Year’s Deer Season

I know we are still in August and it’s warm out, but now is the time we need to be ready or at least preparing for the 2017 Archery Season. Here in Minnesota the Archery Deer Season is only 4 weeks away, so we need to shake-off some of our summer relaxation & fishing and get Whitetail serious.

2016 Hunting Season Preparations

Here we will cover a few of the essentials, but don’t stop there as there are many other things you will need to take into consideration.

1. Make sure your bow is tuned, check limbs, string(s) and cables. Note, string stretch will affect speed, distance, and accuracy (arrow drop).

2. Make your final cuts/clearing to your shooting lanes, then avoid this area until the season starts.

3. Have your approach and exit well planned for each stand. A few extra minutes to avoid leaving scent in the area could be the difference between bagging that big buck.

4. Collect your leaves for a great Natural Scent, it’s free and easily available. Just combine them with your hunting clothes (pants, shirt, hat, gloves, socks, etc) in a sealed container. *Note; do not put your hunting clothes on in the house, garage, or vehicle. Dress outside where you will minimize other scents from being picked up.

5. If not already you need to start practicing, making the final touch to your bow and sites.

6. Get your trail cameras out and start scouting.

7. Get your license the next time you are in the store, maybe even an extra doe tag.

8. Verify your Calls & Rattles are working and ready to go.

9. Double check your stands, making sure they are safe, quiet, and sturdy.

10. Get you blind(s) set up and leave them up.

Preparation Articles For The Upcoming Deer Season!

A. Bow Safety
B. Deer Stand Placement
C. How to make your Deer Stand Safer
D. Natural Scent
E. Clearing Shooting Lanes
F. Making your own Deer Trails
G. Best Blinds for ground hunting