Can You Make Deer Trials

Yes, you can make or reroute deer trials and have deer start using them the same day. Deer will take the easy path unless being pushed, so if you clear a path through brush, woods, or even rake a path to your deer stand the deer will use it. Things to consider when manipulating deer trials; where are the natural deer trials, where are these Deer trails heading, and how do you want the deer to approach so you have the advantage.

Raking A Path To Your Stand

If you rake a trial to your stand, in order to approach it quietly, you need to make your trail loop out, away from your stand before approaching it. This will keep the deer from catching your scent before you get an opportunity for a shot. From experience, deer will start using this trail the same day, so don’t get caught off guard. This is a buck taken this year because I cut a trial to my stand and routed it so I would get a quarter away shot if a buck took it.

Hunting Tall Grass Or Weeds

If hunting tall grass or weeds then use a weed wipe to create or reroute a deer trial passing within 20 yards of your hunting stand. My recommendation here would be to make this trial a few months before the season starts and monitor it monthly, keeping the weeds down and making sure the deer are using it.

Is There A Fence Line Near Your Stand

If you have a fence in your area you can either cut a crossing area through the fence or make a low spot in the fence for the deer to jump. However, unless you are the land owner make sure to get permission before making any changes.

Blocking And Rerouting A Deer Trail

Last year I set up a new stand, near a spoke wheel (trials), but I had one of the buck trials coming straight in, which was not good. So I blocked the trial with large fallen tree limbs and an old stump, approximately 15 yards out. I then routed the trail to the left and back around to meet back up with the original trial. This in theory would make the deer turn sideways to me, presenting a great shot opportunity. Well, it worked perfectly for one of my sons who came home from college for his first archery hunt of the season. Check it out!

Best Results When Creating Deer Trails

Creating, rerouting, or manipulating deer trails should be done a few months before hunting so the deer become familiar with their new surroundings. When making these changes do as little as possible to accomplish what is really needed, as over trimming or changing the area drastically can affect the deer’s since of security and familiarity. I also recommend doing this in the spring, with final touches a month before the archery season begins.

What tools are the best to use for creating deer trials

The best tools I have found are; a rack for racking a path to your stand, a weed wipe for cutting tall grass or weeds, a branch trimmer and extended trimmer for trimming shooting lanes, and wire cutters for fences (if you own the fence).