Leaves Are The Best Natural Scent Blocker – Proven For Hunting

I wrote an article on using leaves for blocking human scent and how well it works, but now it time to show you.

No Blind No Stand Just On The Ground

I believe in this Scent Blocker Method so strongly that I had to take a night off from hunting just to prove it. To start, I had regular camouflage clothing on (not made with any artificial scent screen) and was siting on the edge of the woods behind our apple orchard with nothing but the woods to blanket me. We are in the early Bow season (Oct), but I left the bow at the house so I could focus on this event and get a good video. Here you will see a doe and two fawns come in, as you know it’s much harder to get close to a Doe then a Buck since they’re on the alert full time, specially when with fawns.