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Walleyes – Three Days Three Different Presentations

Catching Walleye is fun, a good fight, and they are great eating, but catching them can be a challenge at times. On this three day adventure we found the Walleye bite different each night, requiring us to work three different presentations. The first night the Walleyes were very aggressive and slammed the crankbaits, the second […]

How To Catch, Clean, and Cook Walleye & Bass

Catching Bass and Walleye is not that difficult and there are several types of baits that will produce fish, but the method and bait you decide on using can make a big difference in the strike and fight. So if you want to experience the best striking action continue reading! Most Aggressive Bass Strikes There […]

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Catching SmallMouth Bass In mid June the Smallmouth Bass feed aggressively in rocky bottom areas, looking for small crabs and dragonfly Nymphs. So if you’re looking for a fight take up Smallmouth Fishing! Smallmouth Action When it comes to a great strike the Smallmouth is right up there in the top 10. Depending on the […]

Early Morning Bluegills – 2019

Catching Early Morning Gills There is no better action than catching Bluegills on the Fly-Rod, however the majority of this fishing is done during the Spring, when the Bluegills are in the spawning season. Wait, there is another time when you can catch the Gills feeding on the surface… Early Mornings – Calm Days The […]

Bluegill Action For The Entire Family – 2019

Kids For Fishing Spring is late in Upper Wisconsin as it’s the second week of June already, but the Bluegills are finally in and have started the beds for the spawning season. So grab the family, fly rods, and the dog and watch the smiles as you experience the best action of the year for […]