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Ramps & Wild Leeks – 2019

What are Ramps? Ramps (Allium tricoccum) also known as Wild Leeks, Wild Onions, and in some places Ramsons are very popular in the Wild Edibles. Another nickname given to it because of its garlic-sweet onion taste is “Little Stinkers”. The Plant is best known as a wild onion and is Native throughout the United States. […]

Morel Mushrooms – Picking Time!

It’s been a hard Winter and Spring has been wet and cold, but it seems to be a good recipe for a great Mushroom picking. It’s May 13th and even though we just got a few inches of snow last Monday it was time to take a walk into the woods and boy I was […]

1st Turkey Hunt of 2019

The Tom’s hormones are at their peak and the Hens are playing hard to get, but even these incredible birds can not resist the Ritual Dance & Courting Struts when Nature calls. The Morning Hunt It’s was 5:45 am on Saturday morning when I sat down on the front porch to savor the moment of […]

2019 Turkey Season Is Firing Up!

We just pulled the taps from the Maple Syrup run and finished our boiling when I looked up and could see three Toms and 5 Hens working through the field. Wow what better way to transition from one outdoor activity to another as our Turkey season is only a week away. Preparing For the Season […]

Maple Syrup Season – 2019

It’s been a hard Winter, but that could not keep the Maple Trees from providing one of the best years of sap that I have seen. Maybe it was the amount of snow we got hit with this year, but whatever the reason we are thankful. The Maple Syrup turned out GREAT! Collecting The Maple […]