Hunting Cottontail & Snowshoe

Hunting the Cottontail or Snowshoe Rabbit is fun and offers a lot of exercise. They can be hunted with or without dogs and success can be great either way. I like to use the double barrel 410 for the smaller Cottontail and the double barrel 20 gauge for the much larger Snowshoe.

Cooking Rabbit

Cooking rabbit we like to brown in the pan first and then add to the crock-pot with mushroom soup, but to add flavor to your meal try cooking it with duck or bacon, both work great.

Hunting Rabbits

If you have dogs that great, but I have found over the years I shoot more rabbits without dogs then I did with dogs, why?


Cottontail Rabbits do not cover a large area and will circle around much faster then the Snowshoe, however, they will also run into burrows, so then you are waiting for nothing or retrieving your dogs to get them on another run.


Snowshoe Rabbits cover a much larger area and will circle around just like Cottontails, but waiting on a rabbit is not my style, so I prefer stalking and stumping on brush piles.

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