Cabela’s Instinct Accelerator 9mm Rubber Boots

Zero Gravity Technology (ZGt) shells and out-soles
Flexible in cold temperatures
9mm neoprene construction
Armor-Flex technology for abrasion-resistant
TC3 OrthoLite footbeds for comfort
Fleece linings for additional warmth
Ht: 17″.
Avg. wt: 5.2 lbs./pair.

Are The Accelerator 9mm Rubber Boots Worth The Price

There are many reviews on this product and I have found most to be negative, however you will need to understand the pros and cons before making a rational decision.

How Do The Boots Fit

I recommend you try these on before purchasing as they run small and fit tight on the calf muscles. For example if you typically wear a size 9″ you will want to purchase a size 10″. If you plan to tuck in your pants these boots are not for you, as there is just enough room to have a tall pair of good wool socks, your pants will have to be pulled down around the out side of the boots. Then there is removing the boots once you’re in from the field. This is a little difficult, but not bad as a step edge works just fine. RATING Thumbs Down!

Are The Boots Comfortable

These boots are very comfortable for both walking and standing in all weather conditions. I found you can easily stand for 3-4 hours in freezing temperatures, 0-32 degrees without any problems, but I have not tried hunting all day in these conditions. RATING Thumbs Up!

Wear & Tear

I wear these boots everyday in the Fall, Winter, and early Spring and after a year they still look new, nothing more than normal wear. RATING Thumbs Up!


I purchased these boots from Cabelas for $120 on sale, they are listed for $159. Compared to other boots I have purchased for hunting, these boots are over priced even at $120. RATING Thumbs Down!


The Cabela’s Instinct Accelerator 9mm Rubber Boots are very comfortable, easy to put on compared to tying laces, they keep your feet very warm during the hunting season, and they seem to hold up against the outdoor elements very well. The fit can easily be compensated for by buying a pair one size larger then you typically wear, and a pair of tall wool socks will suffice as you will not be able to tuck your hunting pants into these. As for the price, that’s your call, but I would not pay over $120 and that’s probably still $30 too much.