Snaring Rabbits

Snares are quite easy to make, can be made for pennies, and do not require experience to be successful. The type of cable/wire or cord will depend on the game you’re trapping, but I like the galvanized clothesline cable. This cable will work for all small game such as Bobcat, Coyote, Raccoon, Fox, Rabbit, etc..

How To Make A Snare Trap Cheap But Effective

I make my Rabbit Snares out of 20 gauge 6 strand galvanized clothesline cable. For Rabbits I use a single strand, so you can make a lot of snares this way. If you are going to trap larger animals like Fox or Raccoon you could consider purchasing picture hanging cable (smaller dia) and use all strands. You can even buy this with loops on both ends.

In this trapping experience I went with two wire snares and one plastic (tie wrap) snare. I wanted to try a tie wrap as this would be an easy and quick way to make and set a snare for Rabbits. However I went back a few hours later and found that it did snare a Rabbit, but the rabbit had chewed through it. So this is not a material to be used for a snare. It will cost you your game and possibly harm the animal. Note, this is for survival tactics only and you can not afford to use something that decreases your odds of catching food, unless this is the only thing you have then use it with a trigger snare (tree branch).

How To Set Your Snare Traps

Snares are easy to set, but you need to find a good game trail and make sure the snare is stable, will not move with the wind. This video will walk you through making the rabbit snares, placing these snares, and catching rabbits.

Snaring Rabbits Is Easier Than You Think

If you think you need to practice using snares to be successful you’re wrong. Catching rabbits with snares is easy and does not take experience to make or set them. The most important things for success are Finding an Active Game Trial and making sure your snare loop stays in position. Other than that it’s easy…