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Starting & Caring For An Apple Orchard In Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Grafting Apple Trees in Minnesota

Here we will cover the different types of grafting techniques; Bark, Cleft, Bud, and Whip & Tongue.

Bark Graft

When grafting to mature trees or cutting down an older apple tree and starting over is when you will want to use the Bark Graft. Bark grafts are very easy to do fun to watch them grow over the season. See my articles and videos on how to do a bark graft and how to make a 3 in 1 apple tree.

Bud, Cleft, Whip & Tongue Grafts

When grafting to root stock or young trees you will want to use the Bud, Cleft, or Whip & Tongue Grafts. Most grafts are done in the Spring, but the Bud graft is done in July & August. The following articles and videos will review each of these techniques.

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