Clearing Shooting Lanes

The best time to clear and improve your shooting lanes for Deer hunting is right after the snow is gone. This way there are no bugs, ticks, or brush to fight with. Also it’s much easier to see the trials and gives the deer plenty of time to adjust to the disturbed area. Then a month before the bow season you can go back and make a few minor adjustments, as the brush or limb growth may have intruded into your shooting path.

Tools For Clearing Shooting Lanes

The two tools I use for clearing my shooting lanes are the same tools I use for my apple orchard; a branch cutter and a 14 foot extension saw and branch cutter. These two tools will do everything you need for clearing these lanes. Click here for Tools Use For Creating Your Own Deer Trials!

Making Your Own Deer Trials

Making your own deer trials works great and will increase your chances of seeing more deer and producing the shot you want. Click here to see my site for Making Your Own Deer Trails!

Tips For Tracking Your Deer

For tracking your deer you will want to mark your path, use multiple lights, and understand the sign your deer will give you for tracking.