Grafting Techniques for Root Stock

when looking at different grafting techniques to use for root-stock there are a few that are more common; Bud Grafting, Whip & Tongue, and the Cleft Graft. To start to grow your own apple tress you must first decide which type of tree (Root-Stock) you want; Dwarf, Semi Dwarf, Standard, Early bearing, or Extra hardy. These characteristics along with the climate you’re in will help you decide which root stock to purchase.

Root Stock – Which Variety Of Apple Tree To Raise

Why purchase root-stock versus panting apple seeds? Today most apples are Hybrids and planting the seeds will not produce the same type of apple, in fact you may not even get apples. The only way to grow trees that will produce the exact clone of the fruit you want is to graft scions (branches) onto another tree, such as root stock.

Budding – Bud Grafting

Bud Grafting is the fast grafting technique to grow on Root-Stock. See how to do a Bud Graft and When the best time is to graft buds.

Cleft Graft For Root-Stock

When grafting the Cleft Graft is best for root stock as it puts more stress on larger trees or branches. Cleft Grafting to root stock and Cleft Grafting to large branches.

Whip & Tongue Graft

The Whip & Tongue Graft is easy and anyone can master it in a short period of time. The best way to learn is to take a few Scions (branches) and practice on the bench. The Whip & Tongue graft works well for root stock and young trees.