How To Grow Fruit Trees From Cuttings

It’s easy to Clone (exact Genetic Coding) and grow fruit trees and see results within just a few weeks, but what is the quickest, easiest, most successful and affordable way?

Starting Fruit Trees From Seeds

If you use seeds from the fruit you will end up with a tree that has a Genetic Trait from the Genetic Coding of that tree, but what trait? This would be like rolling the dice and you will not know for years what you have. It may or may not bare fruit, the fruit may be small, big, sour, or even sweet, but the chances are slim to none that you will get the fruit you expected. So this is not the way to grow fruit trees!

Planting Branches or Cuttings

Yes, you can take branches from Fruit Trees and plant them hoping a few will take root or you can put some branches/cuttings into a green house environment and plant the ones that develop roots, but what will you get? This process for growing your own fruit trees will not have the characteristics of what a genetically enhanced root-stock would give a fruit tree that has been grafted unto it. For example; will the tree be dwarf, semi dwarf, have a good disease resistance and perform well in climate it’s being planted in? Again, this is not the way to grow fruit trees!

Best Method For Starting Your Own Fruit Trees

The best process for starting your own fruit trees is one that copies the exact genetic coding of the fruit you like so well. This is done by Grafting, but which grafting technique since there are many? The fastest and strongest grafting process is the Bud graft, also known as Budding. First you will want to purchase a root-stock (they are cheap $2.50 each) that is suited for your climate, has good disease resistance, and produces the size of tree you want. Note, a Dwarf will produce fruit much faster than a semi-dwarf or standard tree.

Now you can purchased Fruit Tree (Whips) or even bring in and plant mature Fruit trees if you want to have trees producing in one to three years, but this can be very expensive. So the best and quickest process for the price, is to purchase Dwarf Root-Stock and graft your desired Fruit Tree onto it by the Bud Grafting technique. Note, when using the Bud Graft you will not typically see growth the same year you did the graft as you would in a Cleft or Tongue & Whip Graft, but the following Spring you will see your new tree sprout and grow faster and stronger than other types of grafts the were done the prior season.

Practicing and Applying The Bud T-Graft

Here we step through practicing the Bud graft and then move out to the Orchard to show you how to do the Bud T-Graft.