Looking for the safest and most comfortable single ladder stand on the Market, look no further as we have listed the Top 5 for you.

Here at MWOutdoors we have tested several single-Man ladder stands and found they all have a different distinct purpose or fit. These stands come in different sizes, heights and widths. So which ones fit best for Archery, Gun, Crossbow, or is a great stand for all?

Do they make a great single man ladder stand that does not sacrifice security or comfort for height? Yes and we have found them for you.

When working with these stands we took into consideration; Safety, Comfort (Standing, Sitting, Leg, and Shooting), Shooting Rail/Seat Height, Foot Platform Size, Seat Size, Seat Height, Stand Weight, Capacity Rate, and Tree Diameter.

Here are articles on the Top Dual Ladder (Review), Climbing (Review), and Hang-On (Review) stands for 2020!!!!

#1 Rivers Edge One Man Ladder Stand Review

Lockdown Wide 1-Man RE655

Rivers Edge Ladder Stands rate number one on our list for the best Single-Man Stand on the Market. The Lockdown Wide stand has the Lockdown™ Bow Pro ladder stand, which was designed with the Archer in mind. This stand is tall, getting you above the scent line (~18’), optimizing the changes that the deer will not see you, and sits tight against the tree aiding in concealing your silhouette.

No longer do you need to trade safety, comfort, or sturdiness for height as this stand incorporates it all. This is one of most stable tall ladder stands on the Market.

The Lockdown Wide Single Ladder Stand comes with an extra-wide, flip-up, TearTuff mesh seat, a large platform (35” x 26”), flip-out footrest, a 2-way adjustable shooting rail, dual tree blades, and octagonal tubing for unmatched stability.

26.2″ x 35.8″
17.2″ x 25.3″

84 lbs

300 lbs

12″ – 20″


The Rivers Edge Lockdown is suited well for the Gun or Crossbow Hunter, However the shooting rail is adjustable for height & depth or even removable for the Archery Hunter. This a nice one man stand, standing tall with lots of comfort. It comes in first for our best Single Man Stands on the Market for safety, comfort, and price.

#2 Big Game Hunter One Man Ladder Stand Review

HD 1.5 Tree Stand adjustable shooting rail

Hunt your favorite hot spot for mature bucks from the Big Game Treestands Hunter HD 1. 5 Ladder Stand. The Hunter HD 1. 5 stand has plenty of leg room to maneuver and a Flex-Tek flip-up seat that provides all day comfort for your hunt.

The Big Game Hunter 1.5 Single Ladder Stand comes with an adjustable & removable padded shooting rail, an extra wide & foldable Flex-Tek Seat, an extra wide foot platform, a flip-up foot rest, and 4 single-rail oval tubing ladder sections.

23.5” x 29″
18″ x 23″
9″ – 20″


The Hunter HD 1.5 is suited well for the Rifle, Crossbow, and Archery Hunter. The mesh designed seat with its tall backrest and four extra inches of width, provides luxurious comfort over long hours of hunting. The shooting rail is padded, adjustable, and removable, giving any hunter that perfect stand to be hunting from. You can’t go wrong with this stand!

#3 Guide Gear One Man Ladder Stand Review

18′ Ultra Comfort Archer’s Ladder Stand single

The Guide Gear 18′ Ultra Comfort Archer’s Ladder Stand is designed with extra-comfort and tailor-made for stand-up shooting (they definitely had the Bow & Crossbow Hunter in mind for this one). The flip-up seat is made of breathable-weather-resistant mesh that contours to your body and makes an all day sit comfortable.

This stand is sturdy, safe, and roomy, putting your mind at ease. When standing up the seat moves completely out of your way, and the deep platform allows you to stand close to the tree, aiding in camouflaging your silhouette and giving you an extra sense of safety. When sitting down the well designed mesh seat and padded armrest provide additional comfort.

The Ultra Comfort comes with Padded armrests,; Pinned ladder sections, fall-arrest harness system, 25” x 17.5” foot platform, 19.5″ x 12″ flip-up seat, noise-free washers for silent operation, and pads on the frame to eliminate metal on metal contact.

17,5” x 25″
12.5” x 19″
12″ – 20″


I have found hunting above the height of 15 to 18 feet that your scent carries high and far, making it extremely difficult for any Deer to catch a sniff.

It’s obvious that this stand was designed with the Archery Hunter in mind as they went tall without sacrificing safety and comfort. The stand is just above the height range of what I call the scent line, standing at 18’ (seat height).

What is the Scent Line? It’s the height where the hunter’s scent carries high and far, making it almost impossible for any Deer to scent you. The Ultra Comfort ladder height also puts you above the Deer’s angle of view (height Deer views or looks up when on the move), minimizing the odds of being spotted.

Archery & Crossbow Hunters, this is a great stand with quality & comfort that will hold up for years to come.

#4 Big Game One Man Ladder Stand Review

Warrior Elite 17’ Ultra Wide ladder stand Single

The Warrior Elite is Tall (17’ to the shooting rail) and Ultra Wide, giving the hunter plenty of room. This single ladder stand is designed with the Gun and Crossbow hunter in mind. The wide tall seat & backrest, with its Flex-Tek mesh design, gives you the room and added comfort you just have to try to believe.

10” x 18″
14” x 24”

300 lbs

9″ – 20″


If you are looking for the ultimate combination of stability and comfort for long hours of sitting, look no further. With a padded flip-up shooting rail and a foot rest for added comfort, the Warrior Elite is a great choice for the serious Crossbow & Gun hunter.

#5 Rivers Edge RE660 One Man Ladder Stand Review

Rivers Edge Classic XT 1-Man 16FT Ladder Stand

The Classic XT Single Ladder stand is a simple and lightweight stand that is easy to set-up. It features a TearTuff mesh seat, padded armrest, and an 18” wide foot platform for long hours of comfort.

For those hunters that like the convenience of moving their ladder stands easily this is it. This is a great little stand, perfect for the young or beginning hunter.

17.6” x 13”
18.6″ x 10.3″

300 lbs

12″ – 20″


Rivers Edge makes great ladder stands and for those hunters that like the convenience of moving their ladder stands easily this is it. This single-man ladder stand weighs in at 46 pounds, stands 16.5′ tall, and comes at an affordable price. A great stand for the young hunter.