Tree Stands are designed for certain situations and hunting style preference. New designs have implemented better safety & comfort, while keeping prices down. In the following three articles MWOutdoors has reviewed the Best Climbing (Review), Single-Man Ladder (Review), and Hang-On (Review) Stands, but what about Dual Ladder Stands?

New Designs and latest technology has sent Dual Ladder Stands to new Heights. What do I mean? You no longer have to give up safety & comfort for height. So if you are looking for luxury, comfort, or would like to have a friend, spouse, or young future hunter join you, then there is no better stand then a Dual.

#1 X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20′ Review

The Jayhawk 20′ Two Man Ladderstand</h5

The Jayhawk is a whopping 20′ two-man ladder stand featuring a revolutionary Safety System. Now before climbing up the stand to secure it you can be at ease knowing that your stand is safe and secure before leaving the ground.

This stand comes with a Comfort-Flex mesh seat (flips-up and out of the way for full use of its large platform), Padded armrest, Adjustable padded shooting rail, flip-back footrest, HeliX oval tubing for strength and sturdiness, and the Jaw Safety System.

42″ Wide x 34″ Deep
39″ Wide x 17″ Deep x 19″ Tall
9″ to 20″


The real question is why would you look any further. The Jayhawk gets you above the Deer’s scent line of smell, above the Deer’s line of vision, is the strongest and SAFEST Dual Ladder Stand on the Market. Don’t hesitate you will like this one.

#2 Muddy MLS2251 Stronghold 2.5 XTL Tree Stand Review

Tree Lok System 18′ Ladder Stand two man

The Muddy 18 foot Stronghold 2. 5 XTL ladder stand offers heavy-duty construction and ensures outstanding stability and safety. The Hercules Cross Grip Safety System ensures your stand is safe and secure before you leave the ground.

This stand comes equipped with extra thick one-inch padded armrests, a one-inch padded adjustable shooting rail (Can be flipped back for a clear shot), innovative Muddy tree-look system (Secure the stand from the ground), oval tubing for strength & sturdiness, and a Flex-Tec seat & backrest.

50” Wide x 17” Deep
24” Wide x 17” Deep x 27″ Tall
9″ – 20″


The Muddy MLS2251 Stronghold 2.5 XTL is our number two only because of its smaller (Depth) foot platform. This stand gets you above the Deer’s scent line of smell, above the Deer’s line of vision, is incredibly strong, and designed with Safety in mind. You can not go wrong on this stand.

#3 X-Stand Comrade Dual Ladder Stand Review

Comrade X 18′ Two Man Ladder Stand

The Comrade X is unique or at least different. It’s designed more like two individual single ladder stands with independent comfort- flex mesh seats.

Since the stand is curved (V-shape), each seat provides the other hunter a different field of vision, covering more area. This is a great stand for helping a new hunter to the sport, having another hunter video taping, or just having someone along for the adventure.

The Comrade features: A middle console for quick access of equipment and hunting accessories, two independent and fully adjustable padded shooting rails (can be removed or flipped back), Padded armrests, Helix Tubing for strength & durability, and the Jaw locking safety system allowing you to secure your stand from the ground.

73″ Wide x 18″ Deep
19″ Wide x 16″ Deep x 17″ Tall
9″ – 20″


What a stand! If you are looking for the enjoyment of having another hunter along with you then this stand is for you. It’s V-shape design is unique and gives you an experience of a lifetime. It’s like having two single ladder stands side by side with a platform between them for placing hunting accessories on. For the Hunter taking out their kids to introduce them to the sport, this stand is it.

#4 BIG GAME LS4950 Spector XT Dual Ladder Stand Review

BIG GAME LS4950 Spector XT Tree Stand, 17′ Two Person Ladder Stand

The Big Game Spector XT ladder stand is safe, durable, quiet, and rock solid. Distance from the ground to the shooting rail is 17.5 ft, putting the hunter just above the Deer’s scent & view line.

Archery Hunters: by flipping back the Flex-Tek seat you can take advantage of the large platform and steady yourself for the shot. You can also flip the padded shooting rail back to get a full open view with no obstructions, giving you that perfect shot opportunity.

Spector XL features: Adjustable padded flip-back shooting rail, Flex-Tek flip back seats & backrests, and a deep foot platform.

44″ Wide x 29″ Deep
41″ Wide x 18″ Deep x 18” Tall
9″ – 20″


We rated this stand as the 4th best dual ladder stand on the market because of being only 17’ tall. This stand still puts the hunter above the Deer’s scent and vision line, but I do prefer the little taller stands. The Advantage of this stand is that you can get it for approximately $100 less by giving up one to two feet. Not bad since you are still at an ultimium height for hunting. If price is an issue this is the Dual Ladder Stand to go with.

#5 Big game Guardian XLT Dual Ladder Review

LS4860 Guardian XLT Two Person ladder stand

If you are looking for a Tall Dual Ladder Stand for a small price here you go. The Big Game Guardian XLT stands 18′ tall while maintaining safety, stability, space, and comfort.

This is a great stand for those Hunters that are looking for a cost effective way of getting a tall stand without sacrificing safety or comfort. This stand is safe and solid, and will still get you above the Deer’s Scent & View Line. A perfect gift for the new hunter to the sport.

The Guardian XLT comes featured with: Flex-Tec bench style seat, deep foot platform, and a padded shooting rail (can be flipped back for Archery Hunters).

36.5″ Wide x 12.5″ Deep
36.5″ Wide x 12″ Deep x 17” Tall
9″ – 20″


The Guardian XLT is a great stand (safe & solid) for young hunters or any hunter looking for a very cost effective way of getting above the Deer’s Scent & View Line, with a dual ladder stand. This stand is still very comfortable and a perfect gift for that new hunter to the sport.