The Easiest Way To Fillet Crappies

To fillet a Crappie, Spec, Speckled Bass, or Papermouth is very simple and easy to do. The real secret is in having a good sharp fillet knife. For Crappies I will use a short 6″ fillet knife.

Filleting Crappies

This short video will step you through the process of Filleting a Crappie. It just takes a few fish to get use to using a fillet knife and working around the rib cage and down the bone. Once you have the technique down you should be able to fillet a crappie in under a minute.

How To Cook Crappies

To cook Crappies use the same method as you would for Bluegills. Soak in Buttermilk, roll in seasoned flour, and deep fry.