The Best Method For Cooking Bluegills

The best method of cooking up your Bluegill fillets is easy and quick. After cleaning your fillets cut them up into 2 pieces, if your Bluegills are a 1-lb or larger 3 pieces, then soak them in butter milk for a few minutes. Next we will take them and shake them into a container of flour that has some lawry’s seasoning mixed in, now drop them into a hot deep fryer, you can use a pan, but a deep fryer makes a big difference.

Golden Bite Size Chunks

Once these are cooked for 2 to 3 minutes place them on a paper towel to help soak up any oil that is still on the fillet chunks, now they are ready to eat. If you prefer a little tarter sauce take some mayo, mustard, and pickle-relish, mix it up and dip your chunks into it. ENJOY

How to Fillet Bluegills

See how easy it is to Fillet Bluegills.