Summer Fishing For Walleyes

When the days have turned hot and the lake water has warmed up you will need to change your patterns for Walleyes. By patterns I mean the bait you use, the areas you fish, and the depth of water you fish.

Baits To Use

Most Walleyes are now looking for the cooler water, most likely cold streams flowing into the lake. They have also moved off the bottoms and are suspended, so use a fish finder to locate the correct depths to be fishing. I have found they are typically suspended 3/4 of the way down, so if fishing 17 feet of water you want to focus on crank baits that dive ~11 feet. However I will still use the jigging Rapala for Walleyes that are cruising the weed-lines or sandbars, as this is my number one bait(casting) for catching Walleyes.

Remember each lake is different, so the color of bait is very important. If you are fishing a dark lake try the yellows, orange, gold, or green glow. For a clear lake try the blue, green and silver. If your colors are not working keep changing until you find what does.

My Top Two Baits

Here is what has worked for me this summer. My top two baits for Walleyes are; the ice fishing jigging rapala and the Bandit Crank-Bait.