Is the Jigging Rapala the Best Year Round Walleye Bait?

What Is The Jigging Rapala?

The Jigging Rapala is a painted minnow made of Zinc. It has a nose hook, tail hook, and a small treble hook hanging below the center of the minnow. It was designed for vertical jigging through the ice, so it’s balanced, keeping it horizontal to the surface. When jigging this bait it swims in a sporadic circular motion before coming to rest. The jig comes in the following sizes; W2, W3, W5, W7 & W9 and in many different colors

is the Jigging Rapala Just For Ice Fishing?

I have been using the Jigging Rapala since 1974 and been catching Walleyes, Bass. Pike, and the occasional Musky yearly. Now you may hear stories where this bait has just got popular for open water, but some of us old-timers have known this for years. I can tell you from experience that this is the best year around Walleye bait there is.

Ice Fishing With The Jigging Rapala.

I use a 26″ jigging rod and reel that is medium action. I will use a swivel and sometimes a steel leader, depending on if you have Pike in the lake. Through the ice I like to use the W3 and W5, colors Gold and Silver. To jig, tip your rod down and then snap the rod tip in a direction. This will force the jig in that direction covering more area as it begins it sporadic swim back to the center of your fishing hole. For more on the technique on using this jig.

Using The Jigging Rapala for Open Water Fishing

This is the best open water walleye bait I know of. Sure something else may be working better on a given day and I’m with you. If the fish are not biting it, keep changing baits, speeds, and retrieval methods until you find what is working. But, this bait will consistently out perform any other Walleye bait you have in your tackle box. If you have not tried it give it a try. I guarantee you, once you have figured out how to use this Jigging Rapala it will always be on one of your rods. I call it Old Faithful. Click here for more on how to use this bait in open water.

The jigs I like to use for open water are the W5 and W7, colors Gold, Silver, and Perch.