Do Deer Scents, Scent Blockers, And Lures Really Work?

Maybe one out of three is not bad, unless you consider they all cost you $$. However, there is one here that works and works very well. The rest toss, as they are giving you a false since of security, if you think they are improving your chances to get that monster buck.

Over the past 47 years I have spent hundreds of hours in the woods deer hunting and I have tried many different scents for covering human odor or for attracting deer. I can tell you that I’m not a believer in Scent Lock Clothing and Scent Eliminator Sprays, most are just marketing scams to get you to spend money. So what does work? There is one Buck lure that works great, it’s Special Golden Estrus by Wildlife.

Every year I have had multiple deer come up to my stand when using this deer lure. Three years ago I was in a stand that was only 3 feet off the ground and I had a 6 pt Buck come up and sniff my boots. This year is no different, as this was the second Buck that came up and sniffed my stand (Nov 3, 2014) and the Rut is just starting. Check this video out and you tell me, does it work. *Note, I have never had this happen with other deer lures. So I give Golden Estrus, by Wildlife, a 5 Star. It’s a winner, try it.

How To Use Deer Lures

Here is what works for me. I put a drag line on each boot and drag a small cloth with some Doe Estrus on each. I then hang them on a bush or tree in my shooting lanes. I also spray some where my hunting pants and boots meet, both legs. This is where the scent then is transferred onto my ladder-stand. How do I spray this? I pour Golden Estrus into a small spray bottle, one that came from an old deer lure that did not work, but I kept the bottom for future use. Why spray it on, because it will cover a larger area, will not just soak any one spot, and is more effective in transferring the scent into the air.

Do Scent Blockers Work?

Do not spend your money on scent lock clothing and scent eliminators sprays, as they do not work. I tried Scent Away one year and watched deer after deer scent my trail, more than normal. It was obvious that the spray itself left an odor, so I stop using it. The only scent blockers I use, which work better than anything you can buy, are those found in Nature. Yes, Natural items found in the area you are hunting; Acorns, Corn Fungus, and Leaves. I personally recommend using Leaves, you will be surprised how well it works. Using leaves for a scent blocker. If you want to learn from my outdoors experiences and save money, visit MWOutdoors