What Natural Scents work for Deer Hunting – Masking Your Scent

One thing I do not care for is spending a lot of money on clothing and sprays that are artificially designed to block or mask orders. So over the years this is what I have found to work as well or better than what you can purchase.

Using Corn Fungus To Mask Your Scent For Deer Hunting

If you are near a corn field and you look around you will find a brown fungus that grows on the corn ears. It does not grow on all ears, but there will be enough that you will find some. This fungus is like a brown or dark gray clump and if you grab it you will see dust (spores) released. Take this and spread it on your sleeves and pants, it will have a sweet smell, almost like sugar when making cotton candy.

*Note, if you have allergies this may not be for you.

Using Crushed Acorns To Mask Your Scent For Hunting

If you have Oak trees then Acorns are great to use. Take your Acorns and crush them up as fine as you can. Then take the crushed Acorns, along with any liquid that you may see and rub this onto your shirt sleeves and pants. Don’t toss the remains, as we will want to use this in our mixture for leaves. See below.

What Is A Good Natural Scent For Deer Hunting – Tree Leaves Work Great

This is the best all Natural scent I have found and it works well. I use this on all my Deer hunting clothes, starting in the Archery season.

Take a non-scented garbage bag and start pulling fresh leaves off different trees and bushes. I take my hand, grab a small thin branch and pull through to the end of that branch, getting multiple leaves on each pull. This will also crush and tear a few, which is not bad.

I like to use Poplar, Apple, Cherry, Sumac, and a small plant that has small thorns on it, not sure what they call it, but it gives a strong scent. You will want to wear gloves for grabbing and pulling these leaves off. You can also add your Acorns, if you have any that you have crushed (see above). As you pull a handful of leaves, smell them, you will see what I mean for odor.

Now that you have plenty of leaves in your bag place your hunting clothes in there and mix the leaves between the layers of clothes. Leave the bag closed for a few days and then take a look. Your clothes will be damp from the water absorbed from the leaves, but they will smell just like the woods. Note, make sure to check your leaves after a week or two as they can mold, if they don’t dry well. At this point you will want to get another bag and more leaves. If you keep your clothes in the bag you should be good, as the clothing will soak up the water. But if you don’t keep putting your hunting clothes in the bag the leaves will mold.

I have also found that the white dust off the bark of a Popular tree works great. Just rub this onto your clothing and you will smell just like the Poplar tree. You could also add Popular wood to your leaves to help increase the natural scent.

For this recipe there is no secret, just use whatever nature has available and add it into your bag. All natural smells from the woods, strong or not, work great. I have tested this many times and have had deer walk within a few feet of me. My friends could not believe it, but they are using this same technique now. All I can say is try it, you have nothing to lose, and you will notice the results.

Can Deer Droppings Be Used To Help Attract Deer?

If you see fresh deer droppings, don’t avoid them, step on them. This gives you the next best thing to fresh deer urine. Now caution, don’t walk into the house with these boots, as your spouse may not be real happy.

Where To Buy Doe Urine For Hunting

If you are allowed more than one deer, say a doe tag, then taking advantage of the Urine in the bladder is a must. Take and put a small hole in the bladder and let the urine drain into a non-reusable container, like a Dixie cup. Then place this into a small container, like an old bottle of buck lure. Now you have the real deal, and if the Doe was in heat, what could be better. Now apply this as you would any buck lure. I like to use a piece of cloth on a string and tie it to each boot, once I have reached my hunting area; I place them onto bushes or trees.