Fishing Bluegills On Deep Water Spawning Beds

Fishing Bluegills on deep water beds has it’s advantages, however locating deep water beds is much tougher to find. Here you will need a clear day and be on a clear lake in order to see these beds or you will need to use your Fly Rod with a Dry Fly (Spider or Popper) to find them. The advantage is, there will be no weeds to contend with and it will be a pure fight against those aggressive large Bluegills and you.

Baits To Use

Dry Flies (Spiders & Poppers) or Wet Flies (Flies & Ants).

When fly fishing you will want to have different dry and wet flies for your tackle. On the surface you will want a dry spider or a popper, using the popper on windy days to help the bluegills see the wake made. On a calm day I prefer a Dry spider. My ideal colors are green and purple spiders & poppers. See Fly Fishing Baits to use.

Catching the Bluegills on a Fly Rod

When the Bluegills are deep and not coming up to the surface try a wet fly, which will only sink a few inches, if that does not work then try an Ant, which will sink a couple of feet. Here we have a Spider, Popper, Fly, and Ant.