What Baits To Use When Fly Fishing For Bluegills

Fly Fishing for Bluegills is one of he most exciting sports for the Fisherman. If you have not tried this it’s time to start, it’s easy to learn, produces many strikes and fish, provides an incredible fight, and of course you are catching one of the best tasting freshwater fish created.

To see how use a Fly Rod for Bluegills.

The Wet Fly

The wet fly is one you would use in shallow water when the bluegills will not hit a top water bait (spider or popper). It can also be used in shallow water spawning beds when the Bluegills will not leave their beds to take a top water bait. In this case let the wet fly sink onto the beds and when the Bluegill goes to move it off set the hook.

The Ant

The Ant is a bait you would use when you need to allow your bait to sink faster or 2 to 3 feet to get the Bluegills to hit. This bait is good for both shallow & deep water spawning beds and fishing the weed lines. I use my fly rod for catching Bluegills well after the spawning season and do great.

The Dry Fly Spider

The Dry Fly Spider is the most exciting bait to use for Bluegills, as it requires the Bluegill to roll or jump out of the water to catch its prey. This is when you set the hook and the fight is on. Dry Flies are also much easier to use as you can see the fish hit rather than watching your fly line or a striker move before setting the hook. I have had Bluegills come out of the water 6 to 8 inches when my fly line caught on top of a pencil reed and hung over the water. What a site to see.

See how to make a Dry Fly Spider; it’s easy, quick, and very cheap to make.

The Popper

The Bluegill Popper is great on days when a top water spider is hard for the Bluegills to see, for example a dark or windy day. The Popper generates a larger wake in the water getting the Bluegill’s attention.