Hunters Don’t Waste Time – Use The Best Natural Scent Blocker

Archery and Gun Hunters, if you are spending a lot on Hunting Clothes that have scent blocker designed into them you are purchasing something you don’t need. There are many studies that argue that these expensive articles do not really work or help your odds in begging your game and yes I have tried them myself. What I have discovered is that the best scent blocker comes from the woods and field, is easy to use, and is free.

Using Leaves From the Woods

The best and easiest Natural Scent is from using leaves from the very area you are hunting. By taking these leaves and placing them into a closed box or non-scented plastic bag you can have the smell of the woods transposed into your clothing in just a few hours. So if your out on a hunting trip take a few minutes to pull some leaves, add then to your container, mixed them into your clothing, and give it just a couple of hours. Your clothes will now smell just like the woods, however the water from the leaves will also transpose to your clothing so they will be damp for a while. See other Natural Methods for Scents. The most important thing is to use leaves that are common in the area you’re hunting and not to use poisonous leaves such as poison Oak. See what happens my first night Bow Hunting.

Collecting Your Leaves

Here is a short video on collection leaves to use for your scent blocker.