Early Morning Hunt

It is Sept 22nd the second weekend of the Minnesota Archery season and my first opportunity to get into the woods. The temperatures have finally cooled down, the wind is almost motionless, and the deer are becoming more active.

Where To Focus- Early Season

For the early archery Whitetail season you will want to focus on the corn fields, looking for nearby Oak trees (acorns dropping). If possible Oak trees that are dropping those acorns right into the corn. Also take into consideration the Deer Corridors; traveling between their water supplies, bedding areas, and feeding areas.

Scent Protection

Even when it’s the first week of the deer season you will want to cover your scent as much as possible. The first and most important is your odor and clothing, then focus on your path to your stand and how you will want to approach it. The Whitetail Deer will detect your scent when they cross over your walking paths, so plan your path to and from your stand accordingly.

For early scent coverage try to use natural outdoor scent such as leaves, fungi, corn dust, etc. leaving the buck lures for the right time of the season.

The Morning Video!