When To Use Calls & Rattles for Deer Hunting

I have been using deer calls and rattles for many years and it still amazes my kids on how many bucks I see throughout the Archery and Gun season. I will use a fawn bleat, Doe bleat or grunt, Buck grunt, and the rattle. All have proven successful, but you need to understand how much to call and when to use them.

When To Use Calls And Rattles

If you’re hunting the Archery season, then for the first month I will only use the Fawn Bleat. I make one or two calls every 45 minutes, but I avoid doing any calls the last 45 minutes before dusk or leaving the stand. The Fawn Bleat will bring in mature does and curious bucks. I use the Primos Can or the Extinguisher Deer Call.

In the second month of the Archery season I will move to the Doe Bleat/Grunt. Again, follow the same call pattern mentioned above, one or two calls every 45 minutes, avoiding the last 45 minutes before leaving the stand. I will also use a light rattle, just making a couple of light hits, to simulate two bucks play sparring.

In the third month of the Archery season and throughout the gun season is the time to use the Buck Grunt and Rattle. This is also known as the Rut season. I use the same call pattern here as well, but I’m much more aggressive in the call and rattle. For this I will use the Extinguisher Deer Call, Rattle Bag or a real set of Deer Antlers for rattling. How to make your own Rattle Bag