Where To Find The Walleyes?

Every lake is unique, but the structure where the Walleyes are and their patterns are very similar. So once you understand structure, feeding, and seasonal effects it should not take you long to locate Walleyes in any lake.

Does The Season Affect Where The Walleyes Are?

Yes the season change from Spring to Winter will affect the depths and aggressiveness of the feeding Walleyes, but the structures (Flats, Sandbars, Weed-lines, Rock edges, etc.) do not change, thus continue to fish the same structures giving attention to depth, bait, and color.

What Are The Walleye Patterns?

Spring Walleyes are either spawning or done laying eggs depending on your open season, but either way you will want to focus on the shallower depths. Weed-lines near sandbars are great early morning and late evening, otherwise move out unto the rock edges, shallow flats, and sandbars, working depths of 12 -17 feet. In the Summer time the Walleye bite tends to slow and you will find them suspended 11 – 14 feet, so work those deeper weed-lines, sandbars, and drop-offs. In the Fall the Walleye bite picks up again, but the bait fish have gotten larger and have moved to deeper water, so you will want to work your same structures just a little deeper, say 14 to 24 feet.

Catching A Few Wallyese

How To Fillet A Walleye