The Outdoors-man’s Winter Travel Necessities

We outdoors-men enjoy the outdoors so much that we spend a lot of time in all kinds of weather conditions. So what safety items should we have in our vehicle for the winter months? I have listed what I carry, as I do a lot of traveling in upper Minnesota & Wisconsin. I hope this helps!

First-Aid Kit

This is the most important item you need to have in your vehicle year-round, not just in the winter months. Hopefully you will never need to use it.

Booster Cables

This is another item that should be in your vehicle year round, as there are many reasons why your battery may lose charge.

Cell Phone

Most of us own Cell Phones, so make sure to keep the power adapter (lighter) in the vehicle.

Ice Scraper

This is an item you should have regardless, as keeping your windshield clear and clean or critical for safety.

Windshield Fluid

Make sure to keep your windshield fluid dispenser full with -20 degree (Fahrenheit) fluid and keep extra in the trunk. Having a clean and clear windshield for visibility is critical.


I have two blankets in my car; one is for watching football or hockey high school and college games and the other is a Thermal Blanket, which can be purchased for less than $2.


I like to have a small shovel with me as I have been stuck many times on the ice, fishing. However I prefer a spade shovel over a snow shove, as it’s smaller and easier to get under the vehicle if I need.

Hand Flares And Three Triangle Reflectors

These are important as they allow others to see that you are in stress, from a distance.


In case you’re walking in the dark it helps to see where you’re going or to be able to signal for help. I will also carry a flashlight when hunting or ice fishing, as I want hunters to see me when I’m walking in or out of the woods, or to be able to see any open water when walking off the ice.

Bottle Water

I carry a half of case of bottled spring water in my trunk. This will freeze, but it’s easy to thaw out for drinking.

Granola Bars

You need to have some type of energy food just in case you are stranded and need to wait for help.

Winter Boots & Wool Socks

I do not travel anywhere in the Winter without having my hunting boots and warm clothes. As much as I travel I never know when I may have to walk a few miles or help someone else in need.

Hunting Clothes

I carry my hunting pants, under armour, winter coat, stocking hat, and winter gloves in the back seat of my vehicle for easy and quick usage. You could also use a snowmobile, fishing, or hunting suit.


I recommend a standard compass in case you need to walk to safety. I know smart phones have gps, maps, and a compass, but they will not do you much good if the battery runs down.