Top Five Turkey Decoys “Toms & Jake”

When looking to improve your chances for the 2021 season, you will want the best Hen and Tom decoys you can purchase. Our recommendation here at MWOutdoors is to have three to four different decoys, including a Tom and/or Jake.

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#1 Strutter

Avian-X Strutter Decoy, Collapsible Realistic Turkey Decoy

The Strutter has such a lifelike feature it’s hard for Toms to tell it from the real thing. It is 15% smaller than the real Tom and has a non-aggressive pose, attracting both the dominant and subdominant gobblers.

Avian-X decoy Bag
Non-aggressive pose
True-to-life body posture
Incredible feather detailing
Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD)
24” steak height for better visibility
Dura-Rubber to prevent creasing or denting
One piece folding stake gives movement without spinning

#2 HDR Jake

Avian-X HDR Jake Turkey Decoy

The HDR Jake is slightly smaller than a real turkey, but big enough to make a tempting target. The quarter-strut posture and subdominant feather displays his readiness to fight attitude, tempting those Big Toms.

This decoy also has two head options; one for a submissive posture and the other a curled more aggressive look. The Flocked feather look on the back feathers gives this decoy a real life look.

High Def Realistic
Durable Blow Molded design
Two removable head options
Pre-Attached synthetic beard
Mounting stake for quick decoy setup

#3 Thunder Creeper

Flextone Thunder Creeper Strutter Decoy

The Thunder Creeper’s smaller size makes this decoy less threatening, but its strutting profile gets those Toms heated and ready for battle. So don’t be surprised if a Tom comes running in fast on the attack.

Realistic look
Carbon stake
Flexible plastic body
Detailed molding and paint
Supplied folding tail fan or add a real one

#4 Thunder Jake

Flextone Thunder Jake Decoy

With the Thunder Jake you will lure that big old Tom in to fight and claim his victory. This decoy’s lifelike qualities and high profile position will be sure to provoke a fight with even the youngest Toms. This Jake’s position is a 1/4 strut.

Lifelike detail
1/4 strut, bad boy body position
Gets the attention of all gobblers

#5 Killer B

Primos Hunting 69021 Turkey Decoy, Killer B

The Killer B is designed with glass eyes and a paint scheme to bring out more iridescent colors in the body and more red in his head. The tail fan can move from a full strut to lying flat giving you multiple strutting positions.

This Decoy is a very realistic decoy!

Carrying Bag
B Mobile Silk Fan
Strutting Gobbler Decoy
Mobile Series Fan Holder
Primos killer B Jake decoy 69021
Adjustable fan, with the pull of a string
Mobile Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake