Have you ever had a Big Buck on the opposite side of the field or walking through the woods and the Rattle or Grunt verily gets his attention. Well try a Decoy, they work wonders and will pleasantly surprise you.

Decoys also put the Deer at ease, so no more worries on trying to take a shot at a High On-Alert Doe or nervous Buck.

Tip: place your Buck Decoy facing away or toward you. Why? Bucks will approach the decoy from the side to get advantage when attacking.

#1 Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck

Flambeau Outdoors 5965MS Boss Buck – Masters Series Deer Decoy

Amazing realism! A great decoy for getting the attention of the dominant buck in the area.

Removable leg design that allows the legs to fit conveniently in the body cavity.

3-D blow molded HDPE plastic deer decoy
Collapsible & Portable, removable leg design
Ultra-realistic detail for luring in whitetail deer
Anatomically correct posture and true-to-life size
Includes an 8-point set of plastic antlers and a blaze orange carry sling.
Decoy Dimensions – Nose to tail: 60″ / Antler tip to ground: 58″ / Body width at widest point: 13″ / Shoulder to ground: 41″

#2 Primos Scarface

Looking for a more realistic decoy? You now have it with the Primos Scarface as this decoy is designed with a free floating Head & Tail. The slightest wind will create a realistic movement that bucks can not resist and must investigate.

For ease of transport, everything (Ears, Antlers, Head, and legs) can be quickly broken down and packed into the Deer’s soft body cavity.

The decoy sits on a steel rod with a tripod base. The legs, head, antlers, and ears are easy and quick to assemble.

Made of soft durable material
Spray Scent on the Tail area
Dismantles for Easy Transport

#3 MONTANA DECOY Dream Team Buck and Doe

This Whitetail Doe & Buck decoy provide endless setup options in the field. They can be set up easily to resemble or be more realistic for the season (Feeding, Pre-rut, Rut, Late rut, etc..).

Both deer decoys will fold flat and can be packed away quickly.

Quick and easy setup
Used as a pair or separate
Provides endless setup options
Both decoys fold flat, fit easily in your pack, and set up in seconds

#4 Flambeau Outdoors 5967GD Grazing Doe

Masters Series Deer Decoy

This true life size Doe decoy has realistic hair details, and life-like paint schemes.
The Doe decoy is used to bring in bucks calmly, trusting their surroundings.

For ease of transport the legs can be quickly broken down and placed into the Deer’s body cavity.

Set up:
Lug and keyhole leg attachment design for quick and easy assembly. Ears can be rotated to point in different directions (Opposable).

Opposable Ears
Dismantles for Easy Transport
Realistic hair detail and life-like paint scheme
Can be staked in heavy winds (stakes not included)

#5 Flambeau Outdoors 5965MD Boss Babe

Masters Series Deer Decoy

The Boss Babe is a 1 – 2 year old doe in a 3-D blow molded HDPE plastic with ultra-realistic detail. It is true-to-life size and very durable.

For ease of transport the legs, ears, and head can be dismantled quickly and packed into the Deer’s body cavity.

Set up
The legs are attached by heavy-duty threaded posts and locking lugs from inside the body cavity. There is a peg on one of the back legs to hang a scent pad as well. There are two sets of ears that you can choose from; High-Alert or submissive.

Quick Assembly
Scent Peg on rear leg
Secure leg attachment system
Two sets of ears – submissive and alert.
Secure plug for the head hole (during transportation)
Decoy Dimensions – Nose to tail: 41″ / Tip of ear to ground: 44″ / Body width at widest point: 11.5″ / Shoulder to ground: 32″