What is better than archery hunting for big game, nothing! So when you go to purchase a great release make sure it’s designed to give you the highest release-accuracy and comfort during a long hold.

**Top 5 Archery Broadheads for 2024!

TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release

Adjustable Black Wrist Strap

Improve your shot consistency with the TruFire Patriot Power Strap Archery Release. The TruFire Patriot is the most economical release available, suitable for all uses, smooth trigger, adjustable travel and easy on and off design is perfect for the new and experienced archery hunter.

– High-strength
– Padded nylon power strap
– Ultra-wide jaws for quick loading
– Most economical release available
– Smooth trigger & Adjustable travel
– Easier to put on than V-style straps
– Compatible with left and right handed archers
– Teflon-coated jaws and trigger for dependable use
– All TruFire releases can handle excessive amounts of weight and years of use


Single-Jaw Roller Sear Archery Release

The TRUGLO ACTIVATOR offers dual-jaw performance with the simplicity of the single-jaw release. The Activator Mech’s single jaw opens away from the shooter, giving bowhunters the smooth-operating advantages of a dual-jaw release. The 360° rotating head ensures there’s no string torque for greater accuracy and smoother release on every shot. The ergonomic design fights hand fatigue so you can hold at full draw in comfort.

– 360° rotating head
– Quiet, fast, and accurate
– Adjustable trigger sensitivity
– Micro–adjustable trigger travel
– ultra–precise length adjustments
– Precision stainless steel wear-free jaw
– Automatic / active spring trigger reset
– Roller sear design for a smooth trigger pull
– Premium release strap for long–lasting comfort
– Jaw opens away from the shooter for more comfort

Scott Ghost Release

Scott Archery Ghost Release, Black

Scott Ghost is a totally new design for hook style releases, boasting with features that long time Scott fans will recognize, such as the Scott leather and neoprene Comfort Strap. This release is designed for a perfect fit and triggers sensitivity for improving accuracy. The Cam-Lock fold back strap connector allows the archer to fold the release head out of the way and keep it from clanging while climbing up or sitting in your treestand.

– Ergonomic body
– Knurled Trigger
– Magnetic Auto-Trigger return
– Stainless steel Roller Sear hook
– Cam-Lock fold back strap connector
– True-Center pulling to reduce loop torque
– Leather strap with neoprene for extra comfort
– Solid swivel connector with 5-hole length adjustment

TruFire Smoke Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release

Foldback Design – Black Wrist Strap

The TruFire SMOKE offers a compact forward trigger head, smooth adjustable travel trigger, threaded rod for length adjustment, and foldback strap option that allows release head to fold in and out of the way until needed. It’s a high-quality release at a budget friendly price. The adjustable trigger release coupled with the dime sized head gives the smoke a truly smooth release that adds to any archer’s accuracy. The folding trigger allows for the hunter to navigate on any challenging terrain without being handicapped by their release hand.

– Easy to use
– Fits Both Hands
– Improved comfortability
– Trigger Thumb Adjustment
– Adjustable Trigger Travel
– 16 position head adjustment
– Smooth release adding to comfort & accuracy

TruFire Hardcore Release

Tru Fire Hardcore Buckle with Foldback Release, Black

The Hardcore is a Game-Changer with its self-centering knuckle hinge, which automatically aligns your centershot for a variety of anchor points, resulting in torque-free releases and higher accuracy. Guaranteed not to slip off loops!

– Swept back trigger
– Adjustable trigger travel
– Ultimate hook (single jaw)
– Guaranteed not to slip off loops
– Trigger pressure adjustable (3 – 16 ounces)
– Anchor point pivot (20 degrees) right or left
– Self centering knuckle, eliminates side to side torque