The hanging tree stand is not as versatile or lightweight as its cousin the climbing deer stand, but when it comes to comfort, price, and finding the prefect tree they have them beat.

Hanging tree stands are not limited to height like the ladder stands (ladder length) and the climbing stands (tree branches), thus increasing your odds of tagging a big buck. How, by making it easy to position your stand above the scent line (typical scent line is around 18’) and the Deer’s viewing angle, which will vary based on the terrain.

For safety I recommend the following; use a two man team and a pulley & rope to raise the stand up to the hunter locking it down to the tree. After the stand is secured take two ratchet straps and lock the stand down even tighter (rock solid). This will alleviate any movement or creaking while positioning yourself for a shot, and the added benefit of security will help put your mind to ease making your hunting trip so much more enjoyable.

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#5 Summit Ledge XT

Hang-on Tree Stand, Lightweight, Folding Comfort-Mesh Seat (SU82117)

The Ledge XT is the ultimate in hang-and-leave stands. The huge 30”x24” platform gives the hunter lots of space to maneuver for the shot. The large holes in the expanded metal platform easily allow mud and debris to drop through instead of caking up. The Ledge XT was designed with comfort in mind and the mesh seat and contoured mesh backrest firmly cradle hunters up to 300 pounds for hours, while a flip-up footrest keeps leg fatigue from setting in. The mesh seat folds up to provide the hunter with even more room to move around in the stand, not to mention it makes stand entry a breeze. The Ledge XT is easy to set up thanks to Summit’s Quick-attach straps that include a large tree strap with adjustable buckle and double j-hooks, plus a securing strap to go around the bottom of stand for added safety. This stand is designed for years of hunting use, but at a price that makes sense.

30″ x 24″

18″W x 15.5″L (Back) 18″W x 13″H

23 lbs

300 lbs

#1 Rivers Edge Big Foot

Big Foot XL Lounger

If you are looking for a stand with a great price for the added comfort then look no further. The Rivers Edge Big Foot XL is the best Hang-On Tree Stand on the Market for the price. This stand is great for both the Archery and Gun hunter, with its flip-up seat & side armrests and large platform you get the safety and comfort you have been looking for.

Rivers Edge Big Foot XL is designed with a lever action hang-on stand bite, which provides unprecedented stability at any height. For minimizing noise it comes with a noiseless strap attachment system. Then there is the extra large platform (37.5″ x 24″) with it’s Mesh flip-up seat (20.5″ x 13″) & padded armrests, and the back & foot rests.

37.5″ x 24″
20.5″ x 13″
26 lbs
300 lbs

#2 XOP-XTREME Vanish Evolution


The XOP XTREME is high quality cast aluminum, much lighter than steel and not as loud. Every XOP stand is durable, solid, lightweight, easy to transport and incredibly quiet. This is a heavy duty stand with a 350 pound weight rating and has a Tri-layer foam seat, which provides the ultimate comfort while sitting and also when standing and Shooting.

27” x 19”
11″ x 14″
11.3 lbs

350 lbs

#4 Hawk Helium Kickback LVL Hang-On

Comfortable Aluminum Big Game Hunting Tree Stand with Adjustable 26″ x 31.5″ Platform & 21″ x 15″x 15″ Seat

The aluminum version of one of HAWK’s most popular hang-on stands, the HELIUM KICKBACK is over 35% Lighter than the original Kickback. As the name implies, the Kickback series of stands are designed to be the most spacious and comfortable hang-on stands available. It has a Ultimate Kickback Footrest and MeshComfort Textiline seat with a contoured backrest. HAWK utilizes self-lubricating Dupont Teflon bushings/washers and welds every point of the Oversized-Mesh Platform so you can hunt ‘Noise-Free’ with confidence.

26″W x 31.5″D
21″ x 15″x 15″
20 lbs
300 lbs

#3 Millennium Ultralite

Millennium M60U Ultralite Hang On Stand

When hunting in the woods not all trees are created equal, so trying to find that perfect tree in the ideal spot can be difficult. Well the Millennium M60U Ultralite has solved that problem with an integrated InterlockLEVELING System. Now hunters can attach their stand and adjust the seat and platform to be perfectly level.

The Millennium M60U Ultralite provides safety, mobility, quietness, and comfort. It also comes with the Millennium CamLOCK system, so moving from one pre-set stand site to another is quick and easy. The comfortable mesh seat is good size at 16″ x 20″ and can be folded up for standing shots or stay seated and take sitting shots.

The Millennium M60U comes with an InterlockLeveling system, CamLock receiver (mobility), SafeLink (35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner), ComfortMAX seat, and an integrated footrest.

33″ x 24″
20″ x 16″
13 lbs
300 lbs