What Are The Best Tools To Use For Clearing Shooting Lanes

If you can not afford the tools I cover in this article it’s not that important, as I once was there and used whatever I had. But over the years I have found what works best and I’m here to share it with you.

Camping Saw

Purchase a camping saw over a hunting saw, it’s much cheaper. Then take a pair of needle nose pliers and slightly bend every-other tooth, on the set of saw-tooth teeth, in the same direction as manufactured. By offsetting these teeth slightly more you will increase the performance greatly, cutting through wood much faster and easier.

Branch Pruner

For around $10 you can get a very nice branch cutter. This will make it easier and faster to trim the low vegetation and branches. If possible do your main trimming in April and final touches in August. This way the deer have plenty of time to adjust to the changes.

14 Foot Extension Branch Pruner

This saw is well worth the money, $25 to $35. I first purchased one to prune my apple trees, but soon realized how valuable it would be for trimming high branches in my shooting lanes. The pole will extend 14 feet, reaching limbs that were difficult or impossible to remove before. I also use the saw from my stand, making sure I do not have any branches that would interfere with the flight of my arrow.