The Winter thaw has started and the runoff is rushing down through the valleys awaking the woods out of its long slumber sleep. The tree buds have begun to swell, the Maple Trees are ready to give up their sap for syrup, Songbirds are coming back, Turkeys dancing, the Deer Herds are breaking up, and the Morel Mushrooms are wanting to pop, oh what a great life it is!

Water Rushing

With the heavy Winter Snow and the rain we just got the rivers are flowing over their banks and the runoff is in full swing. I have 5 different areas of water coming down from the upper fields, which is moving fast and in some areas very deep. The greatest concern is the erosion, but with the ground still frozen let’s hope it’s at a minimum.

Early Spring In The Outdoors

Early Spring kicks off the year with a bang for the outdoors activist, as there are several things to keep us active. We start with hunting for those Deer Antlers that were dropped this past season. Next we move into tapping our Maple Trees for Sap while hunting the mornings & evenings for that Tom Turkey. Shortly following are the Morel Mushrooms and oh so good. Then as the mushrooms come to an end it’s time to pull that fly rod down and start working the Bluegill Beds and if you’re looking for large fish then you can try pounding the Walleyes. Are you ready, Let’s get started….