Catching Summer Bass

When fishing for Bass I like to use top water baits, as the excitement of seeing a bass roll on the surface as it strikes far out-ways the blind underwater strike. I have found in the middle of summer that the water level helps determine if you will get the bass to strike top baits or diving baits.

When the water level is down and the weeds are upon the surface you will get more strikes using crank baits just of the weed or rock edges. Try a Bandit series 200 or a strike King tip with a plastic minnow. When the water level is up and you have a few inches between the weeds and surface go to a top bait, like buzz baits or Bass poppers.

Bass Baits That Work

Here are the bass baits that work well for my lake, which is a dark lake with only 3 feet visibility. Note, each lake is different so you may need to try different colors.

Bass Baits By Priority;
1. Top water Bass Poppers

2. Top Water Buzz Baits, Yellow body with a white & yellow skirt.

3. Strike King tip with a Reaction Innovation Shiner (round tail).

4. Bandit Crank bait (Humble Bee), series 200 for 4-8ft depth.

Baits in ACTION

This is one of my videos using these baits.