How To Skin A Deer

The most important thing I can tell you is to remove the hide (skin) as soon as possible. Why; the hide will be much easier to remove, the meat will cool much faster, and the oils from the hide will make the deer meat (version) taste wild if left on. Some hunters will even remove the Tarsal glands that are located on the inside of the deer’s hind legs, because of the strong odor and oils.

How To Hang Your Deer

You want to hang your deer from the rear legs and get the deer off the ground. Next, spread the cavity open more to allow for a faster cool down and then remove the head to allow the blood and spinal fluids to drain. To hang, take and cut between the back leg and tendon, right where the Tarsal glands are located, use this area for your metal hanger or rope. If you want to age the Venison meat you can let it set for two to five days. If only 2 days take the hide off, if up to 5 days you may want to leave the hide on as to minimize trimming since the outer edges of your meat will dry out. However, this is a trade-off between the stronger taste or more trimming. I prefer getting the hide off right away. For ageing your deer make sure the temperature is above freezing and below 40 degrees.

Quartering Your Deer

To prepare your deer for butchering you need to quarter if first. Since I do not have a bone saw or band saw I debone my deer. To quarter your deer take out the tenderloins first, then the back loins (chops). Now remove the front legs, these are easily removed with a knife, as there are no bones to cut through, start under the leg and cut up. See video. Now you can use a rip saw to cut the hind quarters off. Your Deer is now ready to be butchered. How to butcher (debone) your deer.