Largemouth Bass Crossbreed?

If it’s not a Bass what is it, a crossbreed? Well crossbreeds are rare so the odds are it’s not a Bass or a Crossbreed.

Pictures Tell The Truth

A Friend of mine Rodrigo, went fishing this past weekend and caught these two fish. He brought his pictures in (Iphone) to work to show us the Bass he caught and released. He said it was over 8.5 lbs, so it would be no good to eat, but wait the Minnesota Largemouth Bass Record is only 8 lbs 15 oz, so did he toss back a new State Record worth $$?

Once he started to show his Bass pictures on his Iphone not everyone could agree it was a Bass. Some thought a Smallmouth Bass, some a Largemouth Bass and others thought a crossbreed between the two or something else like a Carp.

Well after a few questions on how big the mouth was, for this size you should have been able to fit a softball in there, I asked to see the pictures again and to send them to me via our cell phones. After looking at the head and mouth again I knew right away what he had, A Gray Bass also known as a Fresh Water Drum or Sheepshead. What fun we had then with these guys and their imaginations.

Now Sheepshead can be eaten, but are not typically sought after and have Y-bones more like a Sucker. If I were to eat one I would fillet it with the skin on, soak it in milk for 2 hours, then in brown sugar brine for 24 hours. I would then season it, smoke it, and bring it in to work and let them enjoy it.