It’s been a hard Winter and Spring has been wet and cold, but it seems to be a good recipe for a great Mushroom picking. It’s May 13th and even though we just got a few inches of snow last Monday it was time to take a walk into the woods and boy I was not disappointed. The Morel Mushrooms have sprouted!

Picking Early Morels

The early Morels are the smallest and hardest to see (specially those Grays), but they’re also the best tasting, so get out there and start picking. Be aware the Morel Mushroom will vary in color from light Gray to Black and from almost White to Yellow, as you will see in my video.

Where To Start Looking

With the wet Spring we have had you will want to start at the top of the ridges and on the down side of any rock ledges or Sandstone ledges. These areas will heat the soil up first and produce the first mushrooms. Another thing to look for are dead trees such as Elm & Apple, with bark laying at the base.

What To Do When You Find A Morel

The first thing you want to do when you spot a Morel Mushroom is to stop and slowly start scanning the area, even the area behind you. Once you pick the first couple of Morels search again or even take a knee and look. After you have finished picking your mushrooms, leaving a couple for next years reproduction, then walk away and approach the area again from a different direction to pick those you just could not see the first time. Next take a look and see if you’re in a drainage (area where the vegetation is healthier or thicker) and follow that in both directions for a ways. This could lead you to another group of mushrooms as the spores will follow these paths in the woods.

When Do You Find The Larger Morels

The Morel Mushroom season depends on the weather, but typically it will last three to four weeks. The smaller morels kick-off the season followed by the larger mushrooms a week later. This year (2019) I found my first Morel Mushrooms on May 12th, so I expect to start finding the larger ones this coming weekend, May 25th. Note, last year I found my first Morels April 17th, so again the weather does make a difference


Where To Start Looking For The Large Morels

The larger Morel Mushrooms will grow both up high on the ridges and down low where there is more moisture. Areas to focus on are; dead elms, old apple orchards, low side of rock or sandstone ledges, roadside ditches with dead trees, erosion banks cut through the woods, and areas with tree bark laying on the ground.

Spreading Morel Mushroom Spores

When you find a group of Morels try to leave a few for reproduction. Also use a fruit netted bad for putting your mushrooms in so the spores can fall while your walking throughout the woods. I will also take a few and break them up and spread them around and carry one in my hand while I walk. All this helps promote Morels for the following years.

Morel Grays

We are in the second week (May 18) of picking Morel Mushrooms and I picked 20 pounds of the Grays over the weekend here. The Yellows are only a few days away and will continue into the month of June. However this is my last weekend as I have plenty and want to head to the lake and start fishing for Walleyes, Bluegills, Bass, & Crappies.

Last Morel Video For 2019