Coming up with a great tasting Jerky takes a lot of trial and error; working with different ingredients, amounts, and combinations. So we came up with a simple recipe that is great for a baseline or eating as is. The video below will walk you through step-by-step on how MWOutdoors makes this Jerky.

Beef Or Venison

The recipe we are going to introduce you to works great for Beef and Venison, so we walk you through a batch of both. We have also tested this recipe by giving samples to friends, family, and friends of family. All comments have been very positive with many requests to make it for them. This recipe, which is listed below will be Spicy, Sweet, and Sticky, but can be altered easily to your liking.

Our goal here is to provide you with a great Jerky Recipe that you can use as is or as a baseline, saving you time in creating your own great tasting Jerky.

In using this recipe if you believe you have come up with a better one by making a few tweaks, please let us know at

Whole Meat Ingredients for 1 lb.

MWOutdoors has found by applying Dry Seasonings and then a Wet Seasoning you will get so much more flavor in your Jerky.

We begin by applying our Dry Seasonings first, letting that sit for a day in the refrigerator and then applying the Wet Seasonings and letting that sit for a day.

Dry Seasonings

Dry seasonings are the same as applying a Dry Rub. You will want to put your seasonings on both sides of your strips and then work it in before placing into a bowl or bag to refrigerate for a day.

2 tbs of Brown Sugar
0.5 tbs of Curing Salt
1 tbs of Chili Powder
1 tsp of Garlic Powder
1 tsp of Onion Powder
Red pepper, Black Pepper, Cajun Pepper to your taste, but lightly as you will add these again once in the Dehydrator.

Tip: Adding your pepper spices after your strips are placed in the dehydrator has a much greater impact (taste) then adding them with the Dry Seasonings.

Wet Seasonings

2 tbs of Worcestershire
2 tbs of Molasses (Sorghum if you can get it)
2 tbs of Honey or Karo Syrup
2 tbs of Maple Syrup
1 tbs of Lemon Juice
2 tsp of Liquid Smoke (If want)
1/4 cups of soy sauce
1/2 cups of Teriyaki (do not use Teriyaki Marinade, too much salt)

**We make our own Teriyaki, which is very good, here is the recipe for that**
1/2 cup water
5 tablespoons packed brown sugar
1/2 cup soy sauce
1–2 tablespoons honey
1 large clove of garlic, finely minced, or 1 tbs of minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
2 tablespoons of Mirin sweet rice cooking wine

Tip: Before putting your meat strips in the dehydrator let them set over the sink on the dehydrator grates for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the extra Wet Seasoning to drip off.

Honey & Spices – Very Important

Now that your stripes of meat are in the dehydrator and ready to be dried you want to add your spices and the first application of Honey. Add your Cajun, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, ect while the meat is still wet. You will only need to do this on one side as it gets very spicy when done this way.

Next add a good stream of Honey onto your strips, close up the dehydrator and start drying. After one to two hours flip each strip of meat and add honey to the opposite side. Now let this dry for another two or three hours or within 2 hours of being done. At that point you want to add another thin strip of honey to that same side and finish drying.

Tip: the last application of Honey will not be absorbed into the meat like the first two so use a small stream of Honey. Otherwise, much of it will drip off onto your dehydrator, which is a waste and makes it more difficult when cleaning up. This is also the application that makes your Jerky sticky and Oh So Good.

Step by Step Video