The 2015 Pre-Rut Is Active

Hunting the pre-rut is one of the most exciting times to hunt for Deer and is easier for bagging that big buck then in the Rut season. Here you will want to put down the rattle, move to the grunt call,and focus on scrapes, as scrapes are very active during this time. However, once the Rut is on scrapes will no longer be dependable and you will find it very tough to call in dominant bucks that are focused on the Doe(s).

When Is The Pre-Rut

For the 2015 season the weather has been non-typical and warm, so the Pre-Rut has been pushed back a week or more.

For Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin the Pre-Rut started in the upper part of the State around October 25th. Finally this week, November 1, the Pre-Rut started in the lower half of these states. Just today, November 7th, my youngest son grunted in 2 different bucks just minutes apart, a Fork (4pt) and a 6 point, both came in grunting.

I expect the Rut to start by November 14 and be in full play by November 21.

When using the Grunt you will find 9 times out of 10 you will bring in small bucks, but don’t give up as it will get the attention of the dominant bucks also.