Hunting The Incredible Tasting Morels

Taking a walk through the Morel season. When hunting for Morels the season will typically last 3 – 4 weeks, moving from the early Gray’s (Stage 1) to the late Large Yellows (Stage 4). Here I will show you some of our pictures and short videos on finding Morels throughout the season.

First of the Morels to grow,stage one of the Morel Season – Small Grays

Finding the early Grays

See this short video on finding the early Gray Morels.

Stage two of the Morel Season – Early Yellow Morels

Finding the early Yellow Morels

Here in this video we will find the early grays and the start of the early small yellows. This is the second stage of the Morel Season. After these we move into the large grays and large yellow Morels.

The third stage of the Morel Season – Large Grays. In these photos you will see a large gray and then a mixture of large grays and yellows.

Finding the large Gray Morels

We are now in the third stage of the Morel Season where we will find small yellows, large grays, and a few large yellows. Unfortunately I only found a few of the large grays this year, but helped myself to many of the large yellows.

We are now in the fourth and final stage of the Morel Season – Large Yellow Morels

Finding the large Yellow Morels

The large Yellow Morels are always fun to find, as they are easy to see from a distance, weigh in at 1/4 lbs, and fill up a bag in no time. However, the smaller Grays and Yellows are much better tasting.