Best 2022 Deer blind-skirt for a climbing stands. These blinds are; washable, durable, quiet, and easily installed and removed.

Made from Realtree Camo Poly Cotton 7oz Twill fabric, top selling Camo Fabric on the Market. They are lightweight yet durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Nexgen II Camo Blinds are designed lightweight, to be quiet, pack-able, washable, and dryer safe. The ends of the fabric are double mended with the top edge having multiple One-Wrap Velcro straps for easy installment and removal. This blind folds up and packs easily into your pack and is made to last for years! These blinds are not available on the open Market so get yours now, as they do go fast!

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Dryer Safe
White on Back
Folds into small size for packing
Lightweight (Dual ~ 2lbs, single ~ 1lb)
Realtree Camo Pattern

Climbing Deer Stands

These blinds work great on a Self Climbing Deer stand that comes with a front bar. The blind is approximate 34” T x 58.75” L. There is a center strap of One-Wrap Velcro on the bottom edge so it can be strapped up to the top edge during ascending, descending, or while stepping in or out of your stand. This keeps the blind from being stepped on and getting soiled.

A short Video on our Self Climbing Deer Stand Blinds