There are several methods for catching Bluegills and everyone has their favorite. But there is one bait that works great in the Spring for Bluegills, almost as well as the top water foam spider on a Fly Rod.

How To Use The 2” Gulp Minnow

Best results for using the 2” Gulp Minnow for Bluegills & Crappies is by placing it on a Crappie Hook. But keep watch after every cast as the minnow may get pulled down due to a strike or weed, then you will need to push it back up again.

Tip: The minnow needs to lay horizontal in the water and if it gets pulled down and starts to hang vertically the fish will not bite it.

When to Use the Gulp Minnow

Use the Gulp minnow Spring, Summer, and Fall. In the Spring go to the bays or shallow water where the Bluegills are feeding or spawning. Place the Gulp minnow behind a Torpedo Bobber down 18 inches. In the Summer and Fall try depths of 2 – 5 feet.

If you like early mornings (6 AM) you can work the bays and weed-lines Spring through Fall. Just put the 2” Gulp Minnow down 2 to 3 feet and it will come alive as the Bluegills and Crappies move in from deeper water to feed.

When do I need to replace the Gulp Minnow

The Gulp Minnow works great from full size to just a small piece. If the tail gets bitten off no worry, keep fishing. If the head tears after a few fish just bite off a small piece and place it back on your crappie jig, it may be smaller but it will work just as good. Once the Gulp Minnow is just a small chunk, toss it and put on another one. You can catch a lot of fish on one Minnow so keep using it.

How To Hook The 2” Gulp Minnow

When hooking the Gulp Minnow on to your Crappie Jig feed the hook down the nose of the Minnow and then out the back/top. If the back gets torn up from multiple hooks, then feed it out the bottom It works great both ways as long as it sits horizontal in the water.

See The Gulp Minnow In Action