If you enjoy Bass Fishing then what is better than using a top-water bait and seeing the strike, or catching the action on video, well nothing! One of the best top-water baits for Bass is the Northland Buzzbait.

How To Use A Buzzbait

The two most common methods for using a Buzzbait are; to keep it 2 – 4 inches below the surface or to retrieve it just fast enough to keep it on the top of the surface. Both are very effective, but I prefer the top-water method as there is nothing more exciting then seeing that big strike.

Tips For Keeping Your Buzzbait On The Surface

Here are a few tips for getting and keeping your Buzzbait on the surface;
1. Make sure the distance between the propeller blade and the lead body stays short. If this gap gets to large it will be much harder to get and keep your Buzzbait on the surface, requiring a faster retrieval speed.
2. Close the bail on your reel and start your retrieval just as the bait hits the water. This will also improve you action and bite.
3. Once you have your Buzzbait on the surface then slow your retrieval down a bit, allowing the propeller blades to create more water turbulence.

The Buzzbait I Prefer To Use

I have tried many different brands of Buzzbaits and have found the ⅜ oz Northland Buzzbait works best. The skirt color will vary depending on the clarity of your lake, but I get my best acton on the Yellow/Orange & Green/White skirts.

Video On How To Use The Buzzbait

Video On The Buzzbait In Action!