Making Bass & Bluegill Fly Fishing Poppers

When making Fly Fishing Poppers you can purchase all the tools, lacquer paints, feathers, etc.. and make them look like the store poppers, but does it really matter to the Bass and Bluegills. Will I can tell you it does NOT, as I did purchase all the tools and found after years of making flies and poppers you can make them faster, easier, and much cheaper without these tools. Now they will not look like a manufactured popper, but they will catch just as many fish and I can tell you my tools are stored away in a box as these two methods will save you time and money. And they work great!

Making Poppers Out Of Foam

Here I step you through the easiest method I know, making Fly Fishing Poppers out of foam. And there is no thread wrapping or tying involved.

Making Poppers Out Of Dowel Rods

Here I step you through a process that takes a little longer than with foam, but works great and looks good. We will use thread here for the tails, but we do not use feathers as we have a much better material to use that attracts the fish even better. It’s called Flashbou!