Hunting & Eating Squirrels Are Both A Treat!

If you have not eaten squirrel you are missing out. Now I”m not saying it’s as good as Grouse, but it’s not bad. The meat is dark, a bit stringy, and tasty when pan fried or in the crock-pot.

Now how do you hunt for squirrels and is there one strategy better than others? Is there a method that will produce more squirrels on average or with less time spent in the woods? Yes, there is I’m going to explain to you the best way to hunt these critters.

How I Figured Out The Best Hunting Strategy For Squirrels

I started hunting squirrels at the age of 8, when my dad gave me my first gun for Christmas, a single shot 22 Lever action. With this single shot 22 rifle I learned quickly the best method for hunting Squirrels and bring home plenty for my mother to cook a meal for the entire family.

By the time I hit High School and known for my hunting success in the area (Squirrel, Deer, Pheasant, & Grouse) I was tag with the nickname Kentuck, which I guess meant the Kentucky Kid, even though I was from Michigan.

Now when it came to Squirrels I consistently out hunted my friends and just figured they were screwing off or did not really take hunting as serious as I did. But I found out later they did not really know how to hunt squirrels and I never thought about telling them my strategy.

Well after the first couple of hunting trips I discovered that the Squirrels, like any other wild animal, will hunker down when the woods is disturbed and it would take me all day with my single shot 22 to bag a few. I also discover by moving through the woods the squirrels would run to their nest, jump into a squirrel hole, or hide in one of the many crotches of the tree. So I took some time and thought, how can I hunt in a way not to spook the game. So here is the strategy I came up with and it worked like a champ!

Squirrel Signs Of The Woods

First I could hear the big Fox Squirrels Clucking so this told me where they were. Next I noticed at times I could see the leaves at the top of the tree moving, then there was the noise of something dropping from the trees, which were acorns or the shucks from those acorns. Now that I know how to find the squirrels how do we hunt them so we can take more than one before seeing them disappear?

Best Squirrel Hunting Strategy There Is

Squirrels will hunker down if you move too much or start walking through the woods looking for one to shoot. So first listen for them, once you hear one move in on him slowly and find a good place (vantage point) where you can sit and wait them out. Yes them, as if there is one there are more and they have already seen you and hunkered down, so patience is your first priority.

Now take a seat for 15 to 20 minutes and watch and listen. When you finally see your first squirrel don’t move, don’t get up, and don’t shoot, just keep watching and listening. Before you know it you will see another and then another as they get active again. Once you have 3, 4 or more squirrels working take note where they are and decide which one you’re going to take first, second, third, and so on. Base your decision on a strategy such as the furthest and most difficult one to shoot first.

Now you’re ready, but don’t go after them. I found out even with an old single shot I can take a squirrel at 50 to 60 yards, so don’t move. Shoot your first squirrel, when he drops make a mental note of where he is and take aim on the next squirrel. You see if you move the squirrels will hunker down again, but with just the loud 22 shot going off they seen to just hesitate, but then continue with what they were doing. Now take the next one and continue this until you have them all down.

I guarantee you that you will out hunt your friends that are carrying semi-auto 22s, 410s, or even a 20 gauge. So give it a try and good luck!