Electrolux Offers the First Camouflage Freezer

Electrolux has exclusive rights with Mossy Oak to produce the first Upright and Chest Camouflage Units and they are now available on the Market. You will find them under Kenmore, White Westinghouse, and Crosley branded names.

Why Purchase An Electrolux Freezer

First, if you do the research you will find that Electrolux (Frigidaire) has the best Quality in the World when it comes to Freezers, yes even over LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. Second, there is the fact that we Outdoors-man need an extra freezer to store our fish and game, so why not buy the best and now we can even have it in our favorite color, Camo!

Camo Freezers Avaiable

The Upright unit comes in a 21 cuft and is sold under the Brands; Kenmore (Sears), White Westinghouse, and Crosley. The Chest or Horizontal Units come in 16 & 18 cuft and is also sold under these same brands. The biggest differences in the Electrolux Freezers compared to their competitors are; Best Quality on the Market for both the Upright and Chest Units and Pro or Con the Chest units do not have a foam lid.



Chest Units- Foam Lids. All suppliers other than Electorlux have a foam lid with their Chest units. So what are the pro’s and con’s? The Con, the top will dent easily if something is dropped or tossed on it and you can not stand on it, which is not safe regardless. The Pro, you will get a better lid seal keeping the inside from frosting up as fast, thus cleaning less often. Note, the lid does have insulation (fiberglass) in it, as this is required for energy.