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Fishing for Bluegills, Bass, & Walleyes in Northern MN & WI

Fishing in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Fishing for Bluegills in Upper Wisconsin

In early May we like to focus on Bluegills while waiting for the Bass and Walleye seasons to open. We begin our Bluegill Fishing by using dry flies and poppers on a Fly Rod. The Bluegills will be in shallow water feeding and looking to make their spawning beds. Bluegill spawning can occur over several weeks so we focus on the shallow beds first then move to deep water beds using a wet fly or spider. Our videos show how to use a fly rod, how to make your own baits, and a lot of action.

Once the bluegills are off the beds we move to a small jig that we dressed up with a skirt. Here you can see how to make and use these jigs.

Fishing for Bass in Upper Wisconsin

We then move to Bass and Walleyes. For Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass we prefer to use top water baits for the visual actions, but have found fishing deeper with Strike King Jigs, tipped with a plastic piece, works better for larger bass. Here we show top water strike action, using different baits, and how to make your own Bass Poppers. Early mornings and evenings we work the Walleyes using our best year around bait, the Rapala, while trading off with the 200 series Bandit.

When taking a break from pan fish we will have fun working Northern Pike with top water bass baits or travel to Florida for Copper Head Bluegills, Shellcrackers, and Crappies. From there we try for Stripe Bass in New Port, RI and Rainbow Trout in Colorado.

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