When the Bass and Walleyes Don’t Bite the Northerns will

When the Bass and Walleyes are not biting there are typically two types of fish that will; Bluegills and Northern Pike. Here we will have some fun with Northerns, the biggest in the boat 3 lbs, ones lost; 12 lbs Northern and a 20 lb Musky, all on Bass baits with a steel leader.

Baits Used For This Action

The two baits we used where the Bass Buzz Bait and one of our hand made Bass Poppers. The Bass Popper was the better of the baits, which is typical over the Buzz Bait. The Popper was also the bait we lost the large Northern and Musky on and of course I missed both of these on the camera. Visit this post to see how to make these Poppers.

Northern Strikes on Video

Here is a short video on our Baits in Action- Enjoy the strikes.