Catching Bluegills In Open Water

Let’s start by focusing on the open water season and exclude Winter this time. So where do we find the Bluegills from mid May to late October? And what type of fishing method is best for catching those tasty Bluegills and Sunfish?

Catching Bluegills During The Spring

The season from Early May to Mid May is a great time to catch the large male bluegills in 3 to 4 foot of water, feeding heavily right where the weeds are growing. The main reason they are feed so aggressive is that Winter is over and they are preparing for the spawning season, which is soon to start. Here you will find the Fly Rod with a Dry Fly will out fish any other method. If you prefer a wet fly, since it does seem to attract the larger gills, then switch over to that once you have located their feeding area.

The season from Mid May to Mid June is the time you will find the Bluegills on the beds. Here the gills will be in water from 6 inches to 7 feet, spawning and very aggressive against any predator or insect that comes into their area. Using a dry fly for the shallow beds is best, while the wet fly works great for the deep beds. I prefer the dry fly for the deep beds also, as I like to see the action, as you will see in this video. And when you get 2 or 3 large gills coming up from deep water all at the same time what a rush, the water just explodes.

Catching Bluegills During The Summer

The season from Mid June to Mid July is a great time to catch the Bluegills just outside the weed line on a nice drop-off. Now a fly rod will work, but I have found that our homemade Bluegill Jig, tipped with a Pink Lady (Gulp Maggot – pink) , 2.5 feet behind a tube bobber works much better.

Catching The Fall Bluegill

The season Late July to October is the time to fish deeper for the Bluegills. You will want to find those quick drop-offs closes to the weed lines. Fish 8 to 11 feet deep using a bluegill jig with; worms, Gulp Maggots, Crickets, or even a Live Large Black Ant. A cane pole will bring a lot of fun during this fishing season.