Passing Your Hunting Skills Down

All Outdoors-man enjoy passing on their experience, knowledge, and love for Nature unto their children. During this development time there finally comes a time when the competition and rivalry becomes so great that the adrenaline and stories become something special you look forward to each year. Advice (bragging) on who knows the most, who is better at the calls, who has the best stand positions and locations, who makes the best Natural scents, who can get the closes to the deer, and of course who will be getting the first opportunity at the number one shooter buck you scouted.

Swapping Stands With One Son

On this October 18th night I decided to let my son have my paintball course deer stand and I took one of the stands in the hardwoods (oaks). It seems the boys were not seeing any deer and of course I had to prove it was them and not the deer. As I approach the stand I found two early scrapes on the path. I knew it was too early for the mature bucks to start scraping for territory breeding dominance and that this was a young spike or fork buck. Sure enough a spike came in right before dark, which I missed on camera, but I did get to rub it in that there are deer back there.

However, in the paintball stand this is what Andrew passed up; now it’s not a bad buck or one of the shooters and it’s great to see the patience, but I did give him a lot of grief for not shooting it. This way it would of increased my chances of getting one of the shooters, which the boys fully understand and will not fall for any more. You can also here him in the video saying how his brother and dad would most likely miss this close shot, what fun.. So the season continues.

Deer Mount Hall Of Fame Wall- Archery

Each year the goal is to shot a buck that will replace one of the four mounts we have above the fireplace. This is the wall we call the Archery Hall Of Fame. We do have two large scoring mounts that are the top targets, but we use this wall to make it easier to remove someone off the wall and still keep the camaraderie going. Currently I still have 3 of the 4 mounts, which I reminded them daily, and the fourth mount is a debate between my youngest son and myself. See I moved his stand the day before his first year hunting alone, knowing and seeing that this shooter buck had changed his travel pattern recently. Bryce then moved the stand a few feet to get off the deer path further and then ended up taking him at 7:30 am the first morning. I told him the buck was mine since I move his stand to that area, but I’m not winning that argument. With such pressure from the old man you can only guess the pride and adrenaline he got from boosting one of my mounts. If I could I would love to see one of each of my four children take me off the wall. So teach your family everything you know and create a lot of fun regardless of what happens during the season.

Top Bucks taken last year (2014)

Here are the only two bucks we took last year. We only shot one of the three we choose for shooters. However since we also have a bet for taking the smallest buck of the year, buys dinner at Red-Lobster, one of the boys took the 8 point on the right, which was the first buck taken for the season. Unfortunately it was not the winner for the year as this wide 10 point took top buck for 2014 and ended up taking his only mount off the wall. So now you can see why he passed that buck up this year (2015) in the video.

Top Two Bucks taken off our Land with Bow, not part of the Hall of Fame