How To Catch Crappies & Bluegills

The techniques used for catching Crappies and Bluegills are the same across the United States, but depending which state you’re in some baits work better than others. But, I have found these two baits, one for Crappies and one for Bluegills work great throughout the US. I would go as far to say you will not find a better bait combination than these in any part of the US, especially in the Midwest!

The Crappie & Bluegill Bait Combinations

For Crappies it’s the Crappie Tube Jig Hook with a 2” Gulp Minnow and for the Bluegills it’s our 1/64 oz Gum-Ball Jig with light blue flashabou skirt.

Catching Crappies

For Crappies start with a tube bobber, 2.5 feet of monofilament line, a crappie tube hook, a crappie tube (black or silver), and a 2” Gulp Minnow (Black Shad or Smelt).

Catching Bluegills

For Bluegills use a tube bobber with 2.5 feet of monofilament line, our homemade jig with the flashabou skirt, and tip the hook with a pink Gulp Maggot or Waxie.

Striped Bass to Speckled Bass – Catching Crappies & Bluegills

For this trip I flew back from Anderson South Carolina, fishing for Striped Bass, picked my wife up and head up toward Duluth Minnesota. Once on the lake we headed for a nice weedline and started catching fish, I focused on the Bluegills as she went for the Crappies. After two hours we had all the fish we wanted. Here is a small video our our action.